Saturday, October 19, 2013

Something Preppy

So today was one of those days where I wanted to try something different, as usual. I wanted to have the school girl preppy vibe. That's why I came out with this outfit plus, I was so excited to style the booties I got from TONIC! I absolutely love them! So here's what I wore.
I decided to layer my  Missoni inspired racer back with a crisp white polo to add that preppy feel to it. Then I paired it with my black skinny/shinny pants to complete the look.
 Here's the fail jump shot I did! Well I didn't jump all right, that's why it's a fail hahaha. Those black booties made my Preppy look feel different; it made it a bit edgier. Don't you think?
 The fail hair flip that turned pretty well.
 I call this the lookbook shot because it has that feel to it don't you think? I thank my  eight year old sister for taking this amazing shot!
 I'm glad the weather cooperated with me today because this outfit is a bit hot since I layered. But other than that it's comfortable and stylish at the same time.
If you're wondering where I got my red Satchel that looks a lot like Proenza Schouler; I got it from Tomato! They do have great finds plus for 900 pesos you can't go wrong with it!
POLO: Land Mark
Tank Top: Forever 21
Skinny Pants: Debenhams
Bag: Tomato
Booties: Tonic

 hope you like this outfit post! Remember to be yourself and never stop experimenting with your clothes!
xoxo RAFFI <3 p="">

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