Monday, September 30, 2013

My version of Winter

Do you ever wish your country has winter? Well I do. I sometimes wish it was colder here in the Philippines. I mean I want to layer, wear tights, and pullovers. But thank God that it was raining here earlier. So I had the chance to wear something "wintery" hehe. So here goes my winter-ish outfit! 

 Tried on something new once again since I just love to experiment with own clothes. I layered my mom's old sweater with my white Polo long-sleeve to give that school vibe effect/winter effect. Then Paired it my leopard print skirt to liven it up a bit. 

 Completed the look by wearing my favorite black tights to give that winter effect/feel. ( Oh and that skirt is really short so I had to put some tights on).  Or else My momma would kill me. 

 Then I wore it with my black boots to complete the look! 

 Added the hat later on! Isn't it adorable? It's just soooo cute. 

 Minimal accessories for this look since the clothes says it all. Just wore a watch and some bracelets to make it more me. 

 I just love my celine inspired bag! 

 The spike bracelet is back! 

 I actually love this shot! BE HAPPY! :)

Sweater: from my mom
skirt: Zara
boots: Debenhams
Celine inspired bag: AIXOCAMPOBAGS on instagram ( visit her page guys she sells amazing stuff) 
cute hat: Girlshoppe 

That's it for now! Happy October to everyone!

xoxo Raffi <3 p="">

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