Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cooler Months

When the BER months arrived, I couldn't be more excited because I knew that Christmas was just around the corner. Aside from Christmas, it's the weather that I also love.  Like what Cheryl of Rhode Island said from Ms. Congeniality: " It's not too hot, it's not too cold, all you need is a light jacket." And let me also add  a nice felt hat and sun glasses too!

But since in my country,  which is The Philippines have no four seasons, it just gets cooler when the BER months arrive. And here the things that I would wear when the weather gets cooler. 

Definitely I would wear my favorite knitted cardigan, my sunglasses, and  my felt tip hat to give it that edge.  

Rayban sunnies
felt tip hat

Those are my top three picks that I would wear for the cooler months. If you're looking for a great pair of sunglasses , prescription or non-prescription, you can check out the entire collection of sunglasses that Salt City Optics has to offer here. What are some of your favorite pieces for the fall? 


Friday, September 25, 2015

Ariana Grande Concert

Last August 23, 2015, Ms. Grande performed for the first time here in my home country, The Philippines. I started becoming a fan of hers when I saw a cover she did of Rolling in the deep by Adele on youtube. This girl, could definitely sing! Well not really sing, but SING her LUNGS OUT! Her vocals are so powerful that it actually comes out of her tiny sexy body.I mean how is that even possible, WOW!  

Ms. Grande graced the stage of the SM Mall of Asia grounds and she did not disappoint. Here are my top 10 reasons:

  1.  She had I think,  if I'm not mistaken 3 to 4 outfit changes. My favorite was the sparkly one, which looked like diamonds were embroidered on it. ( I love shiny things ) 
  2.  She wore her kitty and bunny ears which my friend and I weren't able to buy ( sad life )
  3.  She sang a Whitney Houston song that gave me goosebumps 
  4.  Her twin dancers are uber cute
  5.  She looks like she's never out of breath when she's singing and dancing
  6.  You can feel that she's connecting with the crowd
  7. She sang ALL of my favorite songs from bang bang to problem to Best Mistake
  8.  She had killer dance moves that matches her song 
  9.  She mentioned that she always see us Filipino fans on twitter asking her to come here, and finally she came! 
  10. Last but not the least, Her vocals were on point! What she sounds like on the track and live sounds the same, super FLAWLESS!!!!! 

My friend ARI! (fangirling time ahhhh!)

xoxo Raffi 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bang bang

Well hello there! 

I have been gone for almost a year since my last post. So now that I've figured that I could blog from my phone, then I think it could be a better start! 

It's so difficult for me to update here and there because I don't own a laptop and work has been my number one priority. 

Now that I found an easier way for me to post pictures and blog about my ootd's and concerts, then I think I will be able to update you guys. 

So here's me back to blogging! 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Black Space

Yes I've been gone for quite some time, I'm sorry about that. I will go back to blogging now.. I will not promise anymore because I do break it, sadly and sorry.

So what do you do when you're bored at home and got nothing to do? Well I take fun pictures with my sister. ( not including her of course, hehe.) She's actually my photographer.  This was taken at our balcony since I wanted a new background and this was the perfect one. It matches my black on black outfit. I was going for the black and white look to match my sunnies and booties but It sort off didn't look good so I ended up doing the all black ensemble instead. 

my black and white sunnies that I got from NAVA!

Paired my crop top with my faux fur vest to give that edgy vibe

my black and white booties reminds me of  the king of pop for some reason, AKA MJ

Paired my crop top with my origami-ish black skirt

Added my oh so lovely black hat to finish this edgy look

the look at my shoes pose...since I didn't know what to do anymore

when in doubt pout it out baby!

Hat: cotton on 
Sunnies: NAVA 
crop to: Forever 21
Skirt: Land Mark Dept Store
Booties: Australia from land mark 

Could not think of a cool title so I ended up changing Taylor Swift's song " Blank Space" to Black Space.... Just because it's stuck in my head AGAIN! Thanks to my mom. Well it is a pretty cool song! Loving her 1989  album though.

That's all for now!
XOXO RAFFI <3 br="">

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Jessie J Concert Experience!

You may or may not know that I just love watching concerts! I mean who doesn't? It's one of those times you can let go and sing your heart out in public without being embarrassed,  since all of you are fans of that artist. It's also one of the things that can release stress especially if you're already working like me, you need to de-stress and shout it all out sometime.

Being said that, I've watched Jessie J live with one of my co-workers and let me tell you it's one those concerts that you feel every emotion. From being super hyper and happy and to being sad at the same time! That night her nodes weren't as clear as it is since she was ill BUT let me tell you her vocals were still AMAZING. I can't even imagine if her nodes were clear and she wasn't sick, I bet it will sound better! It's one of those concert that I've cried and I will never forget! AH!

 One of the best part was when she sang with Morisette Amon! I got goose bumps all over! ANG GALING! Check the video out! WOOHOO! 

 That's it for now! Till my next blog!
Video taken fromYoutube
Photos taken from my iphone 

xoxo Raffi

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Floral all over again

Tis the season of florals? Well I have to say I just love my floral print blouse. I already wore this before but paired it with my neon high waisted shorts. But this time I'm wearing it with my favorite fitted a-line skirt. So check it out.

 awkward hair 

 awkward feet

 love my hair here! It's a perfect bun. 

So it's pretty much the 80's vibe... don't you think? love my polka dotted socks too! Just had fun experimenting and playing with colors. And thanks to my eight year old sister for taking such wonderful photos! 

TOP: harlan + holden
SKIRT: land mark
bag: Land mark
shoes: Converse
Polka dotted socks: Forever 21 

xoxo Raffi 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Finally a decent blog post for everyone. Despite the cold weather I still decided to wear a t-shirt but not just any t-shirt a 1D shirt ( aka One direction ). Yes, if you follow me on twitter then you'd probably know that I'm a 1D FAN oh yeah, a really SUPER FAN. Anyway moving on to the outfit because I can rant about the things I love about them but not on this post. 

Paired this 1D tee with my faux leather skater skirt  + tights because of the coolness of the weather. Check it out! 

 Thanks to my awesome friend, Sam for giving me this faux leather skirt! I absolutely love it! 

 The shirt actually gave this look a vintage feel because it's black & white so I just decided to pair it my leather skirt to spice things up. 

 Wore my favorite booties from TONIC! Which is really comfortable. 

 Added another accessory which is my fave hat from Cotton On to complete the look.

 For accessories just my spikey bracelet and my gold watch. I didn't add a necklace anymore because I want to emphasize the print on my shirt. 

 #NOSHAME I love these lads forever! 

 The only color that I added in this outfit is my bag because I wanted to make this look feel vintage-y.

 Thanks to my sister for taking my gorgeous pictures! FYI, I only use my iPhone 4 to take my blog photos, I don't own any digital camera whatsoever. 

 I just want to express how happy I am that when I wore tights today It wasn't hot at all. I'm loving the weather! 

T-shirt: REBEL 
Blue tights: Marks&Spencer
booties: TONIC
hat: Cotton On
bracelets: SM Accessories 

While the weather is cool & cold don't take it for granted! Wear your fashionable sweaters and colorful tights to keep you guys warm! That's it for now, till another blog post.

xoxo RAFFI <3 p="">