Friday, October 25, 2013


Yes, it's okay to repeat your clothes. It's just a matter on how you style it. That's what I did here, I pretty much already wore all of these clothes and blogged about them but this time I paired it with something else.
 yes, I don't have hands! AHHH. Happy Halloween? Well the sleeves were too long but I love the combination of my floral on floral print. It's actually my mom's old blouse, she doesn't want it anymore.
 The blouse is still very lovely and it has that vintage feel to it since it's something that my mom had. Plus the colors up to now are still very vibrant even though the blouse is a bit old.
 Finally got my SUNNIES by CHARLIE sunnies!! Been wanting them for a very long time now and I'm glad I was able to visit the store today. It took me a while before I could pick! WOW!
 I just paired it with Neon high waisted shorts to make the look up to date. Plus it was hot so I want to wear something different, airy, and fun at the same time. So I decided to use these shorts.
 Then I used my favorite tomato bag to complete the look and to liven up the colors more since the bag is red!
 Paired it with this lovely blazer that my aunt got at H&M. I will forever love the floral on floral trend.
 Lastly paired it with my sneaker wedge that I got from TONIC, to make the look a bit more grunge.
 I was only wearing a watch for my accessories since the prints are loud enough but you can also add some necklaces or earrings if you want.
 I just love my sunnies by Charlie sunglasses! They're so affordable!

 Change of background? well I wanted this messy one to match my messy outfit as well. Hehe.

Blouse: Jessica
Blazer: H&M
Shorts: Land Mark
Bag: Tomato
Sneaker Wedge: TONIC
Hope you guys like this post! DREAM BIG!
xoxo Raffi <3 p="">

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