Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY: Detachable Collar

Hey you guys! I've been doing a lot of DIY's lately since I have no time/money to shop as of the moment but I don't get to take photos of how I do it. Thankfully, I did not forget to take photos of the step by step making of this DIY collar necklace! YAY!

We shall start! 

First you need an old polo or blouse that has a collar. But make sure the collar is stiff enough to hold itself. ( you don't need to buy a new polo for this one; you may use your old clothes or your parents polo shirts/tops/blouses if they don't use it anymore.) 

You will only cut the top part of your polo. 
If you want can still add more bling to your collar necklace. But mine already has a print, so I said I won't put anything anymore. 
if you don't have a button you may simply just sew one or put an "automatic" button. 

paired it with another shirt but you can pair it with a dress, a tube, or a tank top.

I will do an outfit post wearing this collar necklace , just to show you how I would style it. I do hope this helps! This is my first DIY here on my blog. So I will try to post more and eventually not forget to take a step by step picture on how to do it. Anyway that's it for now. When in doubt, make a DIY! :) Or if you think it's expensive but easy to make; save your money and do it yourself.

xoxo Raffi <3

You can give some suggestions on what I can  do NEXT but I WILL TRY my best to do it! IF I CAN! :) 

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