Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hey guys! Sorry haven't been blogging for such a long time since I haven't been going out and there's practically nothing to blog about. But then I thought of something so here it goes....Okay so I bet you guys know One Direction, before you judge or anything listen to me first. So the first time I heard this group was from my 19 year old cousin who showed me their video of what makes you beautiful. At first I was so clueless, didn't know  anyone yet. Then after that they became popular! I just said: "aww they're cute"

Anyway going to my point well now that I know who they are. I realized that they are the only boy band who can dress up well. I believe that all guys in general should dress up like them. Why well because it very classy, second it's stylish, lastly it looks amazing!  And it makes them look confident!  I'm not much of a fan (they do have good songs) but I really do love how they dress up. Take a look!

They were at the Brit awards 

my favorite! love what they're wearing! So classy & clean cut.

I love what Zayn is wearing! 

So I hope all guys dress up like them. I'm sure they have a stylist but it's easy to look classy, clean cut, ehem HOT hehe :) anyway you get the point. I'm telling you, if all guys can dress up like this then maybe all the girls will go gaga on them/you. I believe... hehe. So yeah.

That's it for tonight. Don't judge me right away, they're cute & they're songs are good as well! Plus they're stylish too! Till another blog post! Hope you guys enjoy this one! :) 
Beat the heat! Xoxo Raffi <3

(photos taken from google images) 


  1. 19 year old cousin :)
    yes, they dress very classy, all guys should take a note from there
    and saw your post with Forever21 shorts so i decided to shop for shorts there today. thanks friend :)

  2. Aww thanks friend! YES, that's you :> I agree!
    awesome! You should shop for dresses & shoes and everything there as well at forever 21. :) You're welcome!


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