Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First day high

So today was my first day at SoFA ( school of fashion & the arts) I'm currently taking up a short course, which is only for 3 months.  Anyway It was fun because it's the course that I really wanted to take ever since I was in high school. I'm so glad, I took it! We only had a brief introduction about the course and all and introduced ourselves to the teacher.

This is what I wore today! Wore leggings because I'm a "fashionista commuter" now since I will commute going to sofa just because it is quite far.. but it's all worth it. For the first time I rode the tricycle, jeep, and MRT. All at once! WOW! That was fun! :) So being a commuter, I have to dress appropriately.. Meaning I won't wear skirts/shorts/dress unless with leggings or tights. Oh and this is a challenge for me! But it'll be a fun one since I love experimenting with clothes! :)

(sorry for the ugly quality of my photos! Since I don't have a camera as of now, been using my phone. And plus my sister seems to be in a hurry and cranky.) 

my lovely leggings!
pose lang ng pose :)
wore a cardigan because in sofa, it is COLD!
my longchamp is my new school bag now! Yippee!

TOP: Zara
Cardigan: My mom's
printed leggings: IconiQue
bag: LongChamp 

Anyway that's it for now! Always remember to follow your dreams; because one day it could come true! This is just the first step for me. Can't wait to learn more about the fashion industry!

Much Love: Raffi ♥

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