Sunday, June 24, 2012

Color my life

Hey guys! So today, my family and I just headed to the mall and we bought school things for my brother. And I decided to wear something breezy and comfortable since it was really hot this afternoon. 

I named the title color my life because I'm wearing a black top & white shorts. The robe is the one that gave color to this outfit.  :)

 Yes, it is a long robe. I paired it with shorts and a tank top first but other than that you can pair it with a dress, or a skirt as well. But I didn't want to look that formal since we were only going to the mall.

it gave color to my outfit! 

added some boots to finish this look! But you can pair it with flats or heels as well. 

tank top: bazaar 
long robe: Closet Chic
shorts: Forever 21
Belt: SM

Anyway that's it for now; the next time you see this long robe I'll probably be wearing a skirt with it. 

Oh and yes the brands that you wear don't define YOU, what defines you is how you style your clothes. No matter how expensive it is but you don't know how to style, then it is nothing. Just be yourself! And be creative! Dress the way you want to dress, but style is key. 

that's it for now, till another blog post! :) I just learned that you cannot please everyone with your style, just like with people... Oh well life still goes on! And like what my good friend said: "Do what you do BEST." 

xoxo Raffi <3


  1. like your cape!! :) reminds me of Lissa Kahayon :)
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  2. Hi Rovie! :) Wow thank you so much! :) Sure I would love to join your giveaways :)

  3. I love the cardigan/robe! Its adorable and so are you <3

    Elle Michele

  4. HI mstizay! :) Got it at Check them out :) Super affordable! :) Thank you!!!


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