Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rainy Thursdays

Hey guys! Sorry haven't been posting lately... anyway day 3 of my so called college life at SoFA. So far so good, we just reported about the power point presentation we made. Well I must say, next time I will speak more... wasn't just sure what to say but next time I have to be more prepared. 

Plus commuted again alone! Well only going home, since our class ended at 12pm. Decided to head over to Trinoma! Thank you for the MRT and I'm actually thankful that there's a division between the Ladies and the Gentlemen's. ☺

 By the way, Did you know that ZARA'S ON SALE. Well time for you check it out and have a fun shopping!! 

Anyway here's what I wore today, since the weather was pretty gloomy and all decided to wear my sneakers because I don't want my feet to get wet when it rains since I'm commuting. 

love this top because of the puffy sleeve!

paired it with my edgy ripped jeans for some effect.

this top is versatile you can pair it with a skirt or pants. From day to night!  

TOP: Mango
Pants: Forever21
Sneakers: Forever21

that's it for now, hope you guys like this outfit! College so far has been fun because I'm taking the course I like but then I miss my friends....the vibe of the school and all. Still not used to it. But life still goes on. 

xoxo Raffi :) 

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