Saturday, September 17, 2011

Two words

Courage & Strength

Those are the two important words you need, to be able to compete or play in a game either a basketball or a volleyball game. Those words represent how you do in a game, without it you will be nervous, like me. I really don't like competing especially when it comes to Volleyball, just because I get so nervous or I lose all my strength; I feel like a vegetable who's so weak. Not unlike in dancing, acting, singing, or being on stage I don't get THAT nervous but still do; I like doing those things that's why I fight the nervousness. But in terms of Volleyball, it is very difficult to have that! It took some time before I was able to have courage. I believe it is only in our court that I have this but when we do compete outside I lose it.. that's the sad thing. All the training's that I've done was for nothing. But the the good thing is I think I now have the strength and courage to compete outside not just our court. 

There's a secret to that. Yesterday we had a game and it was held at our School because we were the host. Finally our time was up, and the game was about start. Before the game I kept telling myself these three words: COURAGE, STRENGTH, and, BELIEVE. At first it worked! Then I was nervous again since it was about to start, so I said those three words again, then I whispered it to myself the entire 3 sets of the game. It worked and I was amaze on how I pushed my nervousness aside and was able to fight and concentrate on the game. I wasn't that good but I did contribute to the team, which is important! At the end it was all worth it because we WON! I did have some mistakes but thankfully we still WON. 

Everyone should try this. If you are about to compete just whisper to yourself these three words, Courage, strength, and believe. It truly works. Like me I enjoyed the game and at the same time I was able to conquer that fear of playing and competing. 
( I'll post pictures soon) 

 think positive!
Love Raffi <3

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