Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Let's go SPIRITS

Hey guys sorry I haven't been blogging in awhile been busy in school like the usual; still don't have pictures to share but as soon I have em, I will. SOON. So the 2nd quarterly exams just ended 1 week ago and we're finally having or SPORTS FEST, which is so fun and very exciting. The theme I think is Halloween, and in our school there are four teams namely: The red vampires, The grey werewolves, The Blue Trolls, and lastly Where I am the White Spirits. So far I'm loving my team; being with different kinds of people is fun and interacting with different levels and teachers is the main thing about sports fest. ( in my opinion ) Of course being competitive won't be questioned since some of the teachers in the other teams are very competitive, well I don't blame them. They do want there team to win, right?

Anyways I missed the opening of  our sports fest yesterday due to my hyper acidic stomach. That was the sad part, a lot of people were actually looking for me, not to brag but I feel flattered that they were ;) sorry for that. I blame my stomach for not letting me attend yesterday... oh well there's nothing I can do.

So today our team, the white Spirits, had a basketball & volleyball game. We went against the Grey Werewolves for the girls basketball, let me repeat that GIRL'S basketball... I don't like basketball at all especially playing, watching is okay but playing and being aggressive that's not really my thing. And do you know the score was 0-28 super tambak! We got 0 and nobody even tried to shoot well we did but it didn't get in. I don't know if that was embarrassing but for me I had fun and it was just a game, no biggy. Obviously the grey team was really good! Good luck to the Red Vampires who are competing against them on Friday.

Moving on to Volleyball, we went against the Red Vampires today I know that  we can beat them ( kaya namin ) cus we have good reception, not to brag or anything since a  lot of the teachers our players say wala na kasi the good players are there but if you believe, think positive, and have courage anything is possible and we WON. Right from the start I told myself that we can this! And WE did :)

Have a positive mindset and anything can happen. Which means nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. Learned that today, nothing is impossible... BELIEVE!

Oh well this sports fest season is fun! Will try to look for pictures of our team, so far we still don't have. Anyways that's it for now.

xoxo Raffi!
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