Saturday, August 20, 2011

Acquaintance Party

So last Thursday ( August 18 ) we had our Acquaintance party with the Level 9 students. I expected  it to be better than last year. This time our Theme was New York New York. Oh yeah! Mainly black and white. Well I'm the type of girl who has barely black and white clothes good thing is my cousin from Germany gave me some, and she's the type who wears black all year long. So thank God. Didn't have to buy anything.

Anyways something unexpected happened I became the host on the day of the Party; well it isn't my first time to host it,  last time I did it too. So I hosted it, which was really fun. I only hosted it because Jesha was late! I gotta say standing and wearing heels is NO FUN AT ALL!  It is better to wear flats or booties that have no heel.  Other than that the party was fun because I got to bond with my friends.  I have to say that the games were not fun at all, it was boring...I was hoping that it would be better than last year but it wasn't, oh well.

Another awesome thing is that this year we sang! To become  a singer is one of my dreams! But unfortunately i'm not good at it, but this year I got to sing with my beautiful friends. In fairness our voices sounded so gorgeous! We sang A thousand Miles, I do have the video but one of my friends said not to post I won't. Since I'm a good friend. heehee!

Our Lovely outfits!

I love these girls! ♥

fashion Buddy: Raffi ♥

(picture credits to: Ruth & Sai)

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