Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Black Space

Yes I've been gone for quite some time, I'm sorry about that. I will go back to blogging now.. I will not promise anymore because I do break it, sadly and sorry.

So what do you do when you're bored at home and got nothing to do? Well I take fun pictures with my sister. ( not including her of course, hehe.) She's actually my photographer.  This was taken at our balcony since I wanted a new background and this was the perfect one. It matches my black on black outfit. I was going for the black and white look to match my sunnies and booties but It sort off didn't look good so I ended up doing the all black ensemble instead. 

my black and white sunnies that I got from NAVA!

Paired my crop top with my faux fur vest to give that edgy vibe

my black and white booties reminds me of  the king of pop for some reason, AKA MJ

Paired my crop top with my origami-ish black skirt

Added my oh so lovely black hat to finish this edgy look

the look at my shoes pose...since I didn't know what to do anymore

when in doubt pout it out baby!

Hat: cotton on 
Sunnies: NAVA 
crop to: Forever 21
Skirt: Land Mark Dept Store
Booties: Australia from land mark 

Could not think of a cool title so I ended up changing Taylor Swift's song " Blank Space" to Black Space.... Just because it's stuck in my head AGAIN! Thanks to my mom. Well it is a pretty cool song! Loving her 1989  album though.

That's all for now!
XOXO RAFFI <3 br="">

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