Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Finally a decent blog post for everyone. Despite the cold weather I still decided to wear a t-shirt but not just any t-shirt a 1D shirt ( aka One direction ). Yes, if you follow me on twitter then you'd probably know that I'm a 1D FAN oh yeah, a really SUPER FAN. Anyway moving on to the outfit because I can rant about the things I love about them but not on this post. 

Paired this 1D tee with my faux leather skater skirt  + tights because of the coolness of the weather. Check it out! 

 Thanks to my awesome friend, Sam for giving me this faux leather skirt! I absolutely love it! 

 The shirt actually gave this look a vintage feel because it's black & white so I just decided to pair it my leather skirt to spice things up. 

 Wore my favorite booties from TONIC! Which is really comfortable. 

 Added another accessory which is my fave hat from Cotton On to complete the look.

 For accessories just my spikey bracelet and my gold watch. I didn't add a necklace anymore because I want to emphasize the print on my shirt. 

 #NOSHAME I love these lads forever! 

 The only color that I added in this outfit is my bag because I wanted to make this look feel vintage-y.

 Thanks to my sister for taking my gorgeous pictures! FYI, I only use my iPhone 4 to take my blog photos, I don't own any digital camera whatsoever. 

 I just want to express how happy I am that when I wore tights today It wasn't hot at all. I'm loving the weather! 

T-shirt: REBEL 
Blue tights: Marks&Spencer
booties: TONIC
hat: Cotton On
bracelets: SM Accessories 

While the weather is cool & cold don't take it for granted! Wear your fashionable sweaters and colorful tights to keep you guys warm! That's it for now, till another blog post.

xoxo RAFFI <3 p="">

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