Thursday, November 7, 2013


Ever wondered how something so oversized can actually be considered sexy yet fun to wear? Well yes, Thanks to Harlan + Holden  they cater to loose, feminine, and modern clothing. I just love the print of this top that I got on SALE! And here's how I styled it.
 Because the top is oversized I decided to pair it with my highwaisted shorts and just tuck it in a bit. So that my shorts are emphasized and plus to showcase the neon color.
 Then I told myself that something was missing, I mean, I wanted to give it an edge.  So I decided to buy that Hat that I have been wanting for ages! Thank you cotton on!
 Of course I had to wear my favorite sneakers of all time, my sneaker wedge! It gave this top the modern feel  since the top is oversize and the prints are floral which is gorgeous. I wanted to spice things up. Make it more me!
 By the way this top isn't even my size because they ran out of stocks already. I just had to buy it because of how unique the prints are! I mean you don't see that kind of prints everyday. At first it made me think...that this top was too "mom-ish" but then I said I'll style it differently, it was a challenge to make it more ME and not look like it's for mom's or grandmothers. And I love CHALLENING myself especially when it comes to styling. SO this was a tough one indeed.
 The beauty of this top is that it comes with a belt; so you can make this top into a blouson type. But I decided to not use it yet since I like the way on how the top just flows.
 I love the fact that Harlan + Holden is pushing the drop shoulder esthetic, it's something very unique. It's not the type you see everyday!
 The bigger the better
 Just wore my gold watch and some bracelets to finish this outfit.
 I'm glad cotton on sells affordable, caps, beanies, and hats! Got this one for less than 1000! That was a great deal, don't you think?
 Peace out

TOP: Harlan + Holden
( located at ADORA, Greenbelt 5, 3rd floor and at Power Plant mall)
SHORTS: Land Mark
HAT: Cotton On
BAG: aixocampobags (  find them on instagram )

xoxo Raffi <3 p="">

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