Monday, December 17, 2012

Hair styles

I found this amazing website ( thanks to my friend, Pat) called  taaz where you can make-over yourself. From hair to make-up and it looks legit. Anyway since I'm planning to change my hair color, here are some of my outrageous choices. What do think? Yay or ney? Which color should I choose? Got a little carried away with all the different hair styles, could probably stay there the whole day! haha.

This is Haley William's hair color and I love it! 

From Ashley Tisdale hair. What do you think? 

I forgot which actress had this hair style but I'm digging it! 

Blue hue? hmmmmm Maybe? 

YES YES YES :)  I love purple! Kelly's hair is the bomb! 

Will probably grow my hair longer this time.. :)

Reminds me of Hannah Montana! LOL 

Love this too :) hehehehe

I look fab, what do you think? 

As a blonde? 

I'm not liking the curls... but the pink yes!

Like this too :) but I want something outrageous! 

So what color to choose from? 

xoxo Raffi ♥


  1. Better check with this site before getting my hair did. Thanks :D

  2. YUP! you should, you're welcome Eleigh! :)

  3. The purple one looks cute! ;)

    1. Hi, Kriska! Aww thanks, I actually like that one too ;)


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