Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Guinness World of Record for the world's biggest fashion show

So last November 29, 2012, The Philippines broke the record for Most Number Of  People Walking on the runway! Isn't that wonderful? I'm glad to be part of it. I found out about it through AVA ( an online shopping community) on their twitter page that they're holding a contest. Anyone can join, all you have to do is submit your photo then they will screen it. After that if they accept it, you just ask your friends or family to vote for it; the most number of votes wins and get's to walk the runway. It takes time before you can see your photo on the website. But Sadly, my photo wasn't chosen so I thought I wasn't going to be part of it anymore.

Then suddenly Thank God that AVA tweeted the night before the show that they're accepting walk-in models to register and walk the runway. So at the very last minute I decided to go! Wasn't even ready or anything. Just fixed my things that same morning of the show. How chaotic right? Well it was really! Anyway so got signed in  and registered then was so clueless on what's going to happen. By the way I went there ALONE,  which was a bad idea since I didn't know what to do. But the good thing was I met new people, ☺ thank God they were nice and friendly. I didn't walk for any brand though, I just walked for VIBE, Glorietta vibe.

My I.D. Number! We had to remove this before we walk the runway or else we won't be counted. And from my group I was the third one to walk out. AHHHHH. I was really nervous and scared. Since I wasn't able to practice! Was really panicking backstage and asking all the people what to do. Thank God there was a tape stuck on the floor and we just had to follow it.

The no make-up, make-up look HAHA. According to my make-up artist. Well each of us had a chance to get made up and all. So kudos to the Make-up team because they did MOST of us. And we were 200+ in the holding room. So congratulations to them as well! 

Where the magic happens! Transformation ON!

Someone getting her hair and make-up done :)

YES! I'm number 1513! Can't believe I made it inside !!! WOOHOO!

So each of us had a holding room area where we could leave our things, eat, and get our hair and make-up done. I was happy that they had free food & drinks, so no need to buy from outside anymore! ☺ happy that I saved my money for that day.


Met some new friends! HI NICOLE AND MARY ANNE! :) 

 The after show look! Sadly my dad wasn't able to watch and get my picture taken while walking the runway, since he was watching a movie... hahaha Plus you needed a stub to get inside! OH well. Thanks for coming though!
I don't think I have a picture walking the runway.. Oh well, at least I was there! 

(photo taken from AVA

 YAY! We broke the record! SO HAPPY! I never thought in a million years that I would walk the runway because first of  all I don't have the height, second I don't have ze body! But that changed because I DID! ☺ And ever since growing up, I would pretend that I was walking the runway. I think we all do, right? hihi. The feeling knowing you're the next person walking, is very nerve wracking plus I did not even practice so it's  worse! My hands were cold and I was a bit shaky but in the end I told myself  that this is only once in a life time might as well use your confidence and WERK it girl! HAHAHA. AND I DID IT! I was telling my new found friends "ay tapos na yun? Gusto ko bumalik." But yes after you walk the runway, you're done and good to go!

So yes, believe in your dreams because NOW ANY THING IS POSSIBLE. You'll never know. Just BELIEVE AND DREAM BIG!! 

 xoxo RAFFI ♥


  1. Sound like you really had fun. Luck you! :)

    Btw, I am having my first giveaway. :) I am hoping for your participation. ^_^
    God Bless and have a great day! :)

    Much Love!

    1. HI there Jan! :)

      I had a blast!! Thank you! :)

      sure would love to check out your giveaway :)


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