Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Philippine Fashion week according to my Instagram

Holla guys! I know I've been gone too long, sorry for that been really busy. But thank God I found time today. Anyway for the past week I've been attending  the Philippine Fashion week because it is required for my styling class and secondly I volunteered/intern at Runway Productions to be an usher. I mean it is free but you have to register to get an e-invite. Luckily I get to watch most of them. And the collections were so AMAZING! I mean like WOW! Since we have such talented designers here! Congratulations to all of them! Now here are some photos I took using my phone since I still don't have a camera. Promise will get one SOON! 

 Since I was an intern for that event, I had to wear black and we weren't allowed to wear bright colors, how sad.  For a girl who loves Bright colors and who dislikes black. WOW. Thank God, I found this outfit in my closet.  

 I want the hat ( oh no I forgot what you call it, Ms. mariel would kill me) hehehe 

 This headpiece is AMAZING!

 SPOT CHARO RONQUILLO! She's so gorgeous in person! 

 One of my favorite shots that I took. Don't you just love their headpiece. 

 Now this part was so cool since it was an Ideal vision show( or maybe one of the sponsors) so the models were modeling the sunglasses. Love the colors. 

 Now this reminds me of Victoria Beckham, don't you think?

 Guys in suits and sunglasses = OH LA LA LA 

 Now this is something edgy! WORK!

 One of my favorite shows was Cary Santiago's because it was just spectacular. The finale was unreal! I wanted to cry because of how amazing the collection/show was, from his music to the clothes. 

 Something black and white 

RED is love

 Tina Danaic's collection was also of my favorites because of the gowns and the  dresses with lacey details. 

 I like the blue in this one.

 Another work by Mr. Cary Santiago 

 Hello lovely models. 

Did you know that this is the first time I attended the fashion week here in the Philippines? Because before I had no idea how to get invites or who to contact. And may I say that I wasn't disappointed at all. I definitely Enjoyed every show even though I was really tired. ☺

xoxo Raffi ♥

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