Monday, October 29, 2012

All Black

So this is what I wore to The Philippine Fashion week day 4. It was an all black ensemble because I was an usher so I couldn't wear super bright colors; you know the usual me.  But  oh well, then my friend told  me " grabe naka all black ka naman ngayon." Well I was just following  the rules because they said we can't wear anything bright, only dark colors. hehe.

 I suppose you remember my top, well it's actually a dress that I wore to lady gaga's concert before. I just added the black skirt  and black tights to liven up the outfit. Also the only color you'll see is the orange belt. Which I believe gave this look the finishing touch. Don't you think? 
Am I too black or what? Oh well. I actually love this outfit. Was supposed to remove my tights but I decided not to since it was cold in SMX and I think it completes my outfit as well. 


xoxo Raffi ♥

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