Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You can count on me

So it has been a rainy Tuesday once again.. guess nothing changed. But I still want to share with you guys what I wore to school today. Wanted the sun to come up since my outfit needed other accessories, like sunglasses and all but since the weather didn't cooperate with me, I didn't get to wear my beautiful sunglasses/shades whatever you like to call it. 

Anyway we had our midterms today and can I just say OH MY GOSH! Since I took a lot of time memorizing a lesson and it didn't come out in the exam... kroo kroo. Don't you hate it when that happens?
I mean I studied so hard for that part then it ended up not coming out of the exam. OUCH! 
Oh well , at least I know for sure that I'll pass ( not to brag or anything but I studied my butt off). 
(just thinking positive right here ☺)

Anyway here's what I wore, hope you guys like it!

loving my top! ☺ it's a high low top.

say hello my bun! It wasn't a perfect one though..

Top: bought it online
Red jeans: Forever 21
spikes: SM acessories
blue bangle: bazaar
yellow bangle: Mango
sneakers: Forever 21

Sorry for the ugly photos because it was taken inside our house since it was raining outside. 
Oh well, anything to show you guys what I wore today.☺
Other options to make this look a bit edgy is I'd ditch the sneakers and wear it with boots. 
And I'd add some red lipstick on.

That's it for now, till another post! 

xoxo RAFFI ♥

was listening to this song while blogging! Love love Bruno Mars!


  1. Hope you got a high grade on your exam and yes I hated when that happened. So happy I'm done with school. =)


  2. Hey V! I hope so too! :) Wow, lucky you! :)

  3. VERY cute! Love it! especially the bracelets. We are doing a giveaway on our blog that you should totally enter, you can win a designer panel skirt! yay! xx http://haemeandrobecca.blogspot.co.nz/2012/08/jessica-grubisa-competition.html

  4. Hi Haeme! Aww thank you ☺ OH, I love giveaways, I'll definitely join!


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