Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012 wish list

Hey guys, so last year I made a blog post about my 2011 wishlist and I'm happy to say that most of it came true! Well not all but most. So I believe that making a wish list and praying works! I haven't updated that though. So I'll update it through this post.

So  here are the things that came true in my 2011 wishlist:
  • I got to watch Miley Cyrus Live ( sadly I can't find the pictures I took from her concert) thanks to my great friend JOY! LOVE HER DEATH! ♥
  • I finally got colored contact lenses! yay for that! ( the little things do count)
  • Lastly I got my dad's old iPhone 4 ☺  
That's pretty much all that I got last year but those things were pretty BIG! So I'm thankful for that! 
Now time to do my WISHLIST FOR THIS YEAR 2012 ( yes, 2012 is almost over but it isn't bad to wish right?). Here it goes! 

1st is....

I've been wanting to get Doc Martens since 2010! And I haven't gotten one just yet. I love this  Neon Yellow color ☺

aztec wedge
so the second, would  be this Steve Madden Aztec wedge! I'm in love with Tribal Prints. So this is perfect for me. I actually saw one in Payless but I didn't get to buy since I had no budget on that day.
 Don't you just love it? I know I DO. I fell in love with this, the first time I saw it! 

Jeffery Campbell studded loafer 
The third one would be this JC studded loafer that I'm love! I'm currently obsessed with studs and spikes. 
I just happen to like them now, I didn't really like  them before but now it's an obsession! 

Galaxy Leggins

So the fourth on my list are these lovely galaxy leggins from romwe ☺ totally love em!
This trend is just so gorgeous and  l
love the color that it makes, purplish, pink, with a hint of blue of some sort. 
I can't wait for this online store called Bubbles to release their new collection of leggins! I mean because the ones in romwe are pretty expensive so I'm waiting for the affordable ones. SOON. I HOPE!

cutout sweater
The fifth one would be this cutout sweater from nastygal, totally love the style of it.
I simply  love it because it's so edgy.

high waisted shorts
The next one that I want to get asap are these denim high waisted denim shorts. I haven't found the first one just yet, so hopefully I do soon!

macbook pro
The seventh thing that I want on this list is the Macbook Pro! I've been wanting to have this in a long time... apparently my dad's been using mine for work so in other words I don't have one anymore.

So the the 8th on my list is  to watch the Maroon 5 concert. YES I'M STILL HOPING THAT I COULD POSSIBLY WATCH...even though tickets are already sold out. I mean who knows right?
This is the third time they're coming here to the Philippines and I missed those shows
 So hopefully this time I won't. 

Okay so this is the next concert I want to watch because my mom and I want to hear Jessica & Philip  sing live! Plus I we're big fans of them!
I'm actually a fan of last years season.. been rooting for JAY but sadly she didn't win.
But at least she's 2nd place right? :) Still awesome!

The last on my list is to go to Hong Kong Disneyland with the family! Since my sister hasn't been to HK plus the last time I've been there was when I was four. WOW! That has been a long time. Hopefully we can go, before the year ends. ☺

So this has been my top 10 wish list for 2012! I do hope they call come true!
anyway don't forget to dream big because anything can happen.
Because anything is possible!

xoxo RAFFI ♥

(photos taken from google and facebook)


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