Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple yet colorful

So today is one of those moments that  I will not ever forget, because I finally commuted ALONE! Meaning no family member with me whatsoever. I think that's an achievement, since at first I was really scared to be out in the "real world" since I'm not good with directions and all. But thank God that my parents taught me well. ☺ I usually ride the MRT alone going to school which is fine since the train is now  my new best friend! Hehe.  For me the the most difficult part is commuting going home because I'm not use to riding the FX ( sort of similar to a jeep except it's air conditioned and it's a van, something like that). But today I conquered it. OH YES, I DID! I think I agree with what my mom said. She said that commuting will help boost your confidence because you know how to get home and go to different places by yourself. 

Since I'll be commuting alone most of the time, there are some clothes I won't be able to wear since it isn't appropriate. Just like shorts, skirts, and dresses. This my friend is a big sacrifice since I love wearing those clothes! But I have to work with my jeans, which is fine but a challenge as well. I mean you can still look fashionable with a pair of pants/jeans right? You just need to know how to style it. Anyway enough talking and here's what I wore today. It's something simple yet colorful. :)

 I told you super simple outfit! I love that aztec/tribal-ish blazer that I got at a bazaar. The colors are to die for. So anyway, that's it for now till another blog post! 

T-shirt: Zara
colored jeans: Forever 21
aztec/tribal blazer: bazaar
yellow bangle: Mango
watch: bazaar 
Pink flats: SM dept 

xoxo Raffi ♥

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  1. I love the shoes but is it something you can wear for the rainy season?


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