Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not your typical Tuesday

Hey guys so today, I finally had class (yay for dressing up) hehe. Anyway,  I decided to wear something funky or bright. Since the colors in this outfit are quite eye popping or rather eye catching. Despite the hot weather I still wore tights which I believe was a wrong choice of mine.. Better luck next time I guess (But I do anything for fashion). The weather in Makati was so humid and bipolar,( shall I say CRAZY) not to mention that the aircon in our school is busted!
So it wasn't the right time for me to wear tights and a cardigan. Uh-oh. But 
thank God that the aircon in the MRT or train was really cold! Usually in my school you can layer all you want because  it's really cold but today was just totally HOT & HUMID. 

Anyway here's what I wore! :)

I just love this green cardigan! ☺
way too happy! hehe :)
running out of poses to do... that's why my head is bent down again.

just wanted to have some fun! Here's my cute face...  :)

I love the print of this dress! 

dress: TOPSHOP
cardigan: ZARA
sneakers: GOLA 

Anyway that's it for now.. I still love this outfit though, I just wished that the aircon in our school wasn't busted but no regrets. ☺ Hope you guys like this outfit! 

xoxo Raffi ♥ 


  1. cute look. I'm following u now on Google Friend Connect.

    Hope we can follow each other.


  2. Heyy Raffi :) remember me from LK and DG's workshop? The Demolition Party? lol Anyway,ru coming to Goody's Workshop? I'll be looking for familiar faces there. Hope you join :)


    1. Hi eleigh, yes I remember you!!! Do you have an FB account? Oh, what goody workshop? :)


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