Friday, April 8, 2011

wishlist 2011

hey guys! So today I've decided to post pictures of my wishlist this year. The things I want to have; hopefully before the year ends ☺ Let's start! btw I will just keep adding to this list or will be eliminating if I already got it. 
So the first picture I'm going to post is this Jeremy Scott ( swatch) edition. I just love all three of them but I'm only allowed to get one, so i'll get the yellow.

So the 2nd thing I want are these platform booties. I actually found a site on where to buy em but they're a bit pricey. Which means I must save!! These are to die for! I'm so into platform heels or booties now! I have to get one ☺

The 3rd one that I want ( also my dad wants) is the Nikon D5000. Well we had an SLR way way back, then it got broken for some now we need a new one. I wish we get it this year!! ;)
  So the 4th one I want is the Mac wonderwoman make-up collection. I just think that is is uber cute and very lovely ;) I also want to start collecting make-ups if I can..haha.
The  5th one i liked is the OPI nail polish in sea green. well I don't own any OPI yet cus they're pretty pricey for a nail polish! But I'm definitely saving now to have this one baby. I LOVE THIS COLOR! 
number 6 would be to watch Miley Cyrus' concert! She'll be here on june 17! I must watch; I just want to see her face and see how pretty and talented she is. Plus I like her songs too ☺

7th is a destination to go to Boracay again and to be able to stay at Discovery Shores. My family and I went there for the first time last year and it was amazing! YOU guys must go there and stay at Discovery, they have the nicest hotel ever plus the staff is simply the best! Very accommodating, very polite, and pleasing people we've ever met :) Our stay was delightful! Now I want to go back :) 

So this is the 8th thing I want from my wishlist. I think this would be the first thing I would get :) Anyways, I want to wear Colored contacts just because It looks pretty & I like the colored ones better. I only wore it once and the color was violet; now I want to change and try the turquoise and green. ☺

the 9th thing I want is either an iPhone 4 or the blackberry bold. I have the curve already but I just want to change it to the new one :) Either that or The iPHONE! haha :) couldn't decide which I want! 
So this this the mac lipstick that I fell in love with.  The shades are  Acid Washed, Pretty Please, Riveting Rose. Don't you just love em :)  You can check out this site for more information: 

Love RAFFI <3 

( pictures taken from I don't own any of these)

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