Tuesday, July 3, 2012

These boots are made for walking

Hi guys so today was a very tiring day. It's kind of funny  how I commuted all the way from QC to Makati just to attend my class but when I got there I found out that afternoon classes were suspended.. OH WOW. I actually  had a feeling that it would happen, and it did. So I was just there waiting for something to happen, laughing and texted my parents about it. Now I know! Next time I should call before I leave. Like what I said A FOR EFFORT nalang. ☺ Then I decided to visit Forever21, Glorietta, Greenbelt, and SM since I'm already in Makati.

Anyway decided to wear my booties just because I'm commuting and it was raining. And I didn't want my feet to get wet. Thank God for boots! :) ( in times like this it's fine to wear boots in a tropical country, okay!) or whenever you want. 

Anyway here's what I wore, hope you guys like it. ☺

wore this sheer top because of the cool/cold weather today and of course jeans so that I won't get wet. But you can also pair this sheer top with shorts or a skirt if you wish.
my jeans gave my outfit a pop of color. ☺
my tassel necklace gave it a finish touch! 
pose :)

My lovely sheer top blouse with the hint of my tassel necklace!

Since I was mall hopping, I  decided to visit Miss Selfridge because I have not seen it yet plus it just recently opened! Did you know that MISS SELFRIDGE is a sister company of Topshop. Well now you do! It came from UK as well. So the price is pretty much similar to topshop. Meaning you have to save money if you want to buy something from there. ☺

my camera didn't get the letter "e" but it is included. ☺
some of the dresses

love the beading of this dress :)
love this tutu like dress!! SO PRETTY!

I really like this floral blouse :)

Sheer top: bazaar
Jeans: Forever21
boots: Debenhams
tassel necklace: bazaar 

anyway that's it for now! Till another blog post :) Glad that I was able to see all the stores I wanted to see because I haven't gone in those places in such a long time! Next time I go back I'll bring more shopping money. ☺ ( currently on a tight budget)  Hope you guys like this. :) stay safe & dry! 

FASHION TIP 101: To those of you commuting I suggest you bring an umbrella, jacket/sweater/cardigan. wear (rubber/Leather) boots if you can so your feet won't get wet, bring a plastic so that your umbrella won't be dripping wet once you place it in your bag, tissue for wiping, and of course alcohol or hand sanitizer to avoid getting sick or getting germs.

xoxo Raffi ♥


  1. Love your outfit !! :)

    You look amazing :)

    Just stopped by your blog!
    Loved it instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!!

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  2. Aww thankk you so much The fahion milkshake! :) will definitely check out your blog! ♥

  3. lovely outfit..


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