Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man

Hey guys ! Decided to blog about The Amazing Spider-man since I still have no outfit post because my classes are only every tuesday. Anyway my friend's and I watched it last Monday at Eastwood and it was such a bittersweet moment because Tep, one of my closest friends was leaving for the States already. So we decided or actually Macy was the one who said that we should hang out with her since it was her last day that monday. I already miss her...

Moving on, I actually watched it because of my love for Andrew Garfield ♥ and of course Emma Stone! Well more on Andrew actually; been a fan of him since Social Network was shown. Besides that I believe he can truly act. Plus for me this version is way way better than the first one that came out with Tobey Magurie.. Just because of the effects the screen play, the actors and all. I'm actually not a fan of Spider-man since then but thanks to Andrew I am now! He played the role perfectly(Peter Parker); being that loser in school and the awkward geek guy who  falls in love with Gwen Stacy. And of course Emma Stone who plays this goody-smart girl named Gwen Stacy who's dad's a cop and of course  fell in love with Spider-man. I love how she's really funny and versatile when it comes to acting . If you watched Easy A then you must already love her from that movie and of course Crazy, Stupid, Love. 

So you guys must totally watch The Amazing Spider-Man! The money and plus the two hours watching it was so worth it. The effects are incredible way way better than the first spider-man that came out. Plus you'll fall in love  more with Emma & Andrew since they're already a couple in real life. ♥ so adorable. ( one of my fave couples as of the moment).


Anyway that's it for now! YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH IT! :)

xoxo RAFFI ♥

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