Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black & White

Hey guys! Here's another backlog since we had no internet for days. Anyway, I'm thankful it came BACK! So this is what I wore last last last tuesday. It is something different since I barely wear Black. I usually wear more colorful outfits. But yeah, sometimes it is good to try different things.

So basically it is a white shirt with a design on it. I decided to pair it with this crop jacket that my cousin gave to me last year. Believe me in SoFA it is COLD, so layering is fun.
 If you notice only my pink flats gave this outfit a bright color. Well that was the point of it. I wanted my flats to be the center of attention in this outfit. Pretty cool right?

 Yes I do look so haggard and all since this was taken when I got home from school. But I like it! It's the messy look effect. ☺ HAHA!

 And yes some of my awkward poses that I just LOVE doing. Please bare with me.

T-shirt: Abbey Dawn
Crop black Jacket: Given by cousin
Black denim jeans: DKNY
flats: SM DEPT ( by one take one for 399 pesos) 

Notice that the background is different because we shot this outside. Thank God the sun was still up that time. Anyway that's it for now. Till another blog post! ☺

xoxo Raffi ♥

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