Thursday, July 26, 2012

pretty in prints

Hey guys! so here's my outfit post number 3. YES I owe you guys 5 outfit posts. So here's the 3rd one. Decided to buy this lovely top since I don't have anything like it. Plus I love the pattern! You guys must check out THE LANDMARK. They have great items as well! ☺

Yes this is the top that I bought at LandMark, I absolutely love it. Plus it's cheap! 200 pesos! Isn't that a great deal?

back to the door background since it was raining when I got home. hehe.

 accessories: yellow bangle: bazaar || red bangle: christmas gift|| blue and green bangle from SM ACCESSORIES.
don't you just love the print?

TOP: LandMark
red jeans: forever 21

that's it for now! 2 more blogpost and I'm done with my backlogs! Hope you guys like it.

xoxo Raffi :)

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