Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Madness

Hey everyone! So I decided to have this new segment on my blog called "Sunday Madness" well didn't really have a good name... Basically this is about music, the songs I've been listening too, the bands I like, the songs I don't like, or whatever mostly about music. I wanted to call it music monday but today's a sunday and I know most people are st home, since it's the "rest day or family bonding time" which means more people can read my blog. hehe (smart idea right) teehee!

Anyway going to my point, so for today's Sunday Madness, is the song Climax by Usher. Covered by this awesome handsome guy named LEROY. So the first time I heard Leroy was when he covered love on top by Beyonce, which  he sang amazingly!! Felt like my ears were in heaven, this guy could definitely SING! OH MY GOSH. From then on I always go to his youtube channel to check if he has new songs to sing and earlier this afternoon he did have some new song to sing! And it was Climax by Usher. I actually like his version better than Usher's. Although Usher has an accapella version which I like better than the original.

Here goes the amazing LEROY covering Climax by Usher. Check him out! :)


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