Wednesday, April 4, 2012

something cute!

 The other day my former school mate, Herlyn tagged me a photo in Facebook of a really cute
 headband. She recently opened her very own online shop called girlsholic. The items that she sells are accessories, stationary, bags, and a whole lot more. I love the things that she's selling because they're just cute + it's affordable. Yay for that! I love anything that screams CUTE! Now here are some of the Usamimi headband's that she's selling:

my fave! Only P70

another cute one that I like! ☺

Don't forget to LIKE her page on facebook guys Girlsholic ☺ super cute! 

That's it for now! Till another blog post! Have a happy Holy week guys! 
peace & love Raffi ♥

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