Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Shoe addict

So for the past months I've been looking at shoes/pumps/wedges/litas name it all in other words shoes online. Why online you ask? Well because I have not been going out. Sad summer, I know but it has been all good! Thank God for internet right?! Anyway, I'm been obsessing with loafers lately & of course the famous Lita's. But I haven't found an affordable one yet... Most of them are so expensive But I will really find a affordable one, SOON! Then I'll share it with you guys. Anyway here are the loafers and Lita's that I've been addicted to: 

First would be my love for Jeffrey Campbell shoes!

Second would be by Dolce Vita. A more affordable brand than Jeffrey Campbell.

Oh yeah I already  found an affordable pair of Lita's. Check Primadonna. They have it at landmark, Trinoma. There's also from www.asianvogue.multiply.com super affordable! :) Check them out guys. Visit: www.solestruck.com for more info about Dolce Vite & Jeffrey Campbell shoes. La la la love that site! 

That's it for now! Till another blog post. Stay positive! And happy summer! :) 
xoxo: Raffi  <3

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