Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit of the day: harajuku lovers

Hey guys! So I'm glad I got out of this house today. Actually there's a story behind it because 11 am I was still in my bed too sleepy to go down and have breakfast. So I decided to go back to sleep, then suddenly my sister woke me up and told me: "ate we're going to greenbelt, wake up na." Me: "Okay time to go!" I immediately woke up went down and ate right away. That's how much I wanted to get out of this house! Anyway so my family and I went to Greenbelt since my dad had an interview somewhere. Here goes my outfit. ☺

kind of shy to pose in front of people watching. hehe! ☺

the sun was shining so bright. 

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top: Harajuku lovers shirt
skirt: LandMark
bag: Colevintage
aztec cardigan: Bazaar
green shoes: Bazaar 

I experimented with my printed shirt and it worked! So far I like the outcome. ☺ Also decided to tie my hair up since it was blazing hot outside. Do you guys like it?  Btw my photographer is my 6 year old sister so I'm sorry if the photos aren't as good as it is. Anyway that's it for now! Till another blog post! 
xoxo Raffi ♥


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