Friday, April 20, 2012


Hey guys so yesterday my friend, Kei and I watched Battleship at SM North Edsa. Ask why?  Well because I thought Forever 21 was opening that day but sadly it wasn't open to the public yet. Only VIP got in or if you have a pass I assume. So technically they got to shop first; good thing was we got to watch the fashion show! Oh yeah. :) perfect timing.

 Anyway I planned on watching titanic in 3D but then someone didn't want to watch it since it was too long and too expensive ( pero di naman eh ) I'll just watch it with my momma. But I did have an amazing time again with kei la loo! Captain ball as they used to call her. 

Let me tell you something we were freezing while watching Battleship in the movie house. GOSH! Parang freezer yung cinema, super laming. I actually had a brain freeze.....whoa. Anyway you guys must watch battleship! Awesome movie, awesome actors, awesome effects and hello the guy  was HOT.  AKA Taylor Kitsch. HELLO!!! ♥ loved it! Well we did! ☺ So here  are some of our photos. Hope you guys like it :)

because we couldn't get in I decided to take a picture! ☺

love the colors

the lucky people who got inside.    

the ramp! Waiting for it to start. ☺

Loving Kei's outfit! It is so adorable! :)

picture time at the ladies room!

the neon orange nail polish I bought! totally love it. ♥

another instagram moment! Follow me: raviolee93

Yes we had an awesome time bonding once again! Sorry guys don't have a decent outfit post, I'll make it up to you. Super sorry. Anyway, I had an amazing time with Kei. Battleship was the bomb.
That's it for now till another post! Always smile! 
xoxo Raffi ♥


  1. Wow You already had a peek on Forever 21 The Block! So excited to shop there! :)

    Love your blog btw :)

    Visit mine if you have time!

  2. Hi geneva! Yup, I got a sneak peek at Forever 21 the block! Sadly wasn't able to shop but definitely shopping there from now on since it is near my place.

    Aww thank you so much! :) I would gladly visit your blog! Thanks once again.

  3. HI Rosalinda! Heehee, thank you! We had too much fun I guess. I'm loving the nail color as well. Thanks!


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