Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey guys, yes I have not been blogging lately but that's going to be part of my new year's resolution this 2012 to blog more often! But before anything else, I would like you to meet my gorgeous Friend Samantha, now I'll give a background on how we met; so we met when we were still around 6 Years old. After that we became best friends! The good thing was we were neighbors, so after school I always go to her house or vise versa. We would play, eat, chit-chat like normal girls, boy talk as always! Heehee. Anyways but sadly she had to migrate to New Zealand , I don't remember the year anymore but I know I was around 13 or 14? Maybe? But yeah, ever since then we talk through Y!M or like now facebook. Now she has a YOUTUBE channel: You guys better subscribe to her for make-up tips! She's very good at it, so far she only has 2 videos up but continue supporting her for more! By the way she's gorgeous. 
 Watch her first video here: 

xoxo: Raffi! Enjoy!!
she also has a blog: check it out!

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