Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Carzy Fair/Christmas party 11

Sorry for the late posts, here are some pictures that we had during our FIRST ever CARZY FAIR. I can't believe it actually happened. Thanks to Sir Ruben, he inspired us to push and go on with our dreams; we students of Benedictine wanted this to happen a long time ago but nobody motivated us to do it. From the words of Nike: Just do it. And with that we did! It was a success.

Day one:
we had to sell products like clothes or food. We sold fruit shakes! The name of our store is, Nature's Mix. I must say we have the best shakes! Our best seller was the mango shake, which taste like Cibo's shake. Plus it was very affordable; 35 pesos 12 oz. Not bad right? I don't usually blend but I learned because we had to sell and make it. Of course it was very tiring and the pressure is on since the customers are waiting for their shakes to be done. Now I know how it feels like to be selling! ( katulad ng Frutas )

Our lovely sales ladies: kei, Jade, Nina, Andrea and me

kei and I :)

Hi nina :)

Day 2:
 So we had a concert & a Fashion show the next day. This was my night. Naks, my night talaga eh. hehe. Well the fashion show was, thanks to those who participated and watched. Plus thank you so much to Aisa Ipac for lending her clothes and for making it! I love her. She's one of my blogger idols ( meyganon ) haha yes! Had my first styling JOB ever. This has been a dream come true. Photos of the night :)

Some of the models:

Meet Bianca Rafanan one of my firece models


Finale with Aisa Ipac


(The man behind this all; who inspired and motivated us. Mr. Ruben Lanot

 we had fun during the christmas party which happened last friday, December 16, 2011. It was fun giving gifts and seeing the faces of people smile whenever I gave them a gift. I love the feeling of giving. This year was different because we had games with the other levels which was also fun since we won the first game. Galing talaga namin. Oh yeah. The food was the best; had pasta, kripy kreme, S & R pizza, chicken, etc. Sarap.  Some memorable Photos:

With Andrea our class president and our Lovely adviser Ms. Roda


 That's it for now.
I'll miss these people.
these photos will last forever ♥
memorable moments.

Credits to: Kei Soriano and Mart Llamas for the pictures
Live life to the fullest. ♥ RAFFI :)

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