Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cebu 2010

So this is me posing  sitting down on the speed boat in Cebu Hilton hotel. By the way we love the beach! Our suite was so gorgeous because our view was the beach itself! My mom loved it, she said she didn't want to go back to Shangrila mactan. HAHA! I laughed, cus i like it there. Oh well, its her opinion. There were so many foreigners and can I say KOREANS! I don't think there's a day I don't see them. Anyways, my only problem was that the beach is rocky so i had to wear my slippers on while I was swimming; which kinda off sucked. Next time I shall bring water shoes ( I forgot what you call em) but other than that the beach was fine.  Another cool thing is that the Hotel is PINK even the walls, it reminded me of Paris Hilton. OH OH and the FOOD especially during breakfast was the BEST, to die for food! My mom was amazed again because in shang mactan the food isn't as good, only during breakfast time. That I agree! So this experience was yet again AMAZING and truly to remember! Lastly our aunt or my mom's aunt from Germany came with us, which was so fun because she's fashionable & funny too. Also it was the first time that my lil sister got to ride on an airplane! So i'm happy for her that she rode one already :) she wasn't scared!! 

that's all for now folks ♥

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