Monday, November 8, 2010


Hey guys, so I got great news! Starting today, I am now officially on the volleyball team! Isn't that great? Well for it is; since they recruited me in. At first I never really liked the sport volleyball but then when they told me I had the potential, I was game for it already. So i'm happy and I  actually appreciate the sport now.  

Today I started training, OMGAFG! IT was so TIRING! I cried cus I was so tired and all but I wasn't over reacting okay :) haha. Anyways, it's all good I can still play and train. My legs hurt like hell; that's a good thing because i'm burning my fats! teehee. 

Goal: to have abs and be fit. Ever since that was my goal that I haven't achieved yet. Now I can, since volleyball is the answer. Life has given me a lot of great things and this is one of it to become a varsity player. I'm really glad that I am on the team. 

Quote of the day: Do your best everyday. 

LOVE: Raffi <3

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