Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hey guys, before I apologize for being MIA here's an article that my classmate from journalism class wrote about me. She's an awesome writer, I must say. Thanks Mandi!


By: Mandi Garcia
“Like in a test, there are right and wrong answers, but in fashion there’s none, it’s simply your choice.”  

Raffi Alcantara learned that at the young age of six years old; when her mother told her that she started picking out her own clothes. Raffi believes it’s a combination of her determination, her patience, and her passion for fashion that makes her stick out from the rest. Let it be created through her enrollment in SoFA, her love for fashion blogging, her favorite colored jeans, her funky beaded beret, her bright pair of glasses, or even her arm parties. It was a form of experimentation for Raffi, a fun and daily process wherein no one could tell her that what she wore was right or wrong, beautiful or ugly, in or out; ironically it as just simply Raffi.
This quirky girl isn't afraid to dress up the way she feels most comfortable in, having said that that’s one of the reasons why she also is fond of Anna Dello Russo’s style. Though it is surprising to mention that this girl who dresses so full of life has a quiet demeanor when you first meet her. It was an interesting combination to see the opposite characteristics form this girl. It was as if her appearance was her means of communication, wherein you
 needed to step back and take a really good look at her to appreciate everything she put together.   

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” – Ralph Lauren

This is one of the lines that dictate Raffi Alcantara’s career in fashion. Young as she is, she already knows where she wants to go and aims high when it comes to this cutthroat industry. It isn't about the names that are sewn on to clothes, but how the clothes represent themselves and how they fall on people’s bodies. How fashion is an art and how this representation should be prioritized, because they are expressions of us.
Now at nineteen years old, she may still be debating over her two dream jobs of being a fashion stylist or a fashion merchandiser, but because of inspirations like local celebrity stylist Liz Uy or A-lister stylist Rachel Zoe, she is leaning more towards the former. Fame may be a perk of this job title; Raffi looks more towards the excitement people get from this industry. The rush and the creativity that flows from all the minds of everyone in this industry, whether it be the stylist, the model, the critic, the designer, the makeup artist, the hairstylist, the crew, makes the fashion industry a thrilling experience that she knows she wants and can be part of.

I'm actually grateful that she wrote an article about me because she's a great writer! :) 
 Now check her blog out:: Thank you again, Mandi! 

xoxo Raffi ♥


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