Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hi guys so I'll be narrating some of the important things that happened this 2012 before I welcome 2013!


with my friend Joy and sister Mai! HOLLA! 

Well I was happy to see  KATY PERRY LIVEWhen she came here for her teenage dream concert. I think that was one of the best concerts I've gone to! ☺


Hi Andrea and kei! Remember this?!

Well of course Senior year isn't complete without a PROM, so I think this one was of the best proms I had because I joined the cotillion. It was my first time to dance with a partner as well. So it was definitely a great night. ☺


I have to say this one of  my happiest & saddest moments this 2012 because I graduated HIGH SCHOOL with flying colors! After 4 years of an emotional roller coaster ride, I finally did it. NO REGRETS!  BATCH BLAZE, YOU ROCK! 


Well this was a fun one, I partied with LMFAO with my friend Kei and we had loads of fun! Even though we weren't that near it was still awesome! Araneta was full and it was glowing. 



This month is really special to me because it is my birthday month  plus I got to see LADY GAGA up close! First time to be in the mosh pit area thanks to my lovely friend, Aina! ♥ Also this was the month I started studying in SoFA,  my dream school. 


I have been waiting for this month to come because I finally saw the ever so HANDSOME ZAC EFRON!  Thanks to inquirer for the contest because without them I wouldn't have seen ZAC, my baby!  AHHHH! Also I had my first intern job and worked backstage for Bench Universe, all the stars were gorgeous and there were a lot of hot models. WOW.  Plus I was able to see/meet the AMERICAN IDOLS of season 11. I was lucky enough to hug Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon oh my gosh. WOW.


empty seats! PFW! 

This was one of the busiest month I had because first of all I won tickets (thanks to my favorite Italian Restaurant Cibo), to see FOSTER THE PEOPLE LIVE! I didn't expect I'd win but I did! And man, they sounded amazing live. Still can't believe it! I also interned for the PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK which was fun yet really tiring at the same time. ☺


From my sister and  I :)

It's the most wonderful time of the year, It's CHRISTMAS! For me this is one of my favorite holiday because I spent it with my family and my relatives. It was really fun plus the FOOD was amazing. 

So I guess 2012 wasn't so bad after all, we had a lot of challenges together but it was still an unforgettable year for me. Thank you for that 2012. And  HELLO 2013, I'm ready to be AMAZED! ☺

xoxo RAFFI ♥


  1. Wow your 2012 was amazing, you attended so many concerts! I'm so jealous, I've been to none :(


    1. Aww. thank youuuuu!! Don't be jealous, try to attend events as well. :)


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