Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fun day

 Hey guys sorry I haven't been posting much here but finally tonight I have an outfit post. Anyway wore this casual outfit since I haven't been wearing shorts for a while now and I miss it A LOT.  And the weather was intense today, meaning it was really hot which is weird because Christmas season is coming  soon. 

because it was hot and I miss wearing shorts. Don't you just love the print?

it's something comfy yet stylish at the same time because the pint of the shorts gave the look the "it" factor

wore it my fave orange sneakers because I thought we were going to a park or something. 

I don't think the socks matched this outfit.... what do you think? 

favorite accessories! 
 ACCESSORIES LEFT: silver spikes from SM ACCESSORIES || multicolored spikes from TICKLES || RIGHT: red, yellow, and orange bangles from a bazaar. 


Anyway loving the new Glorietta vibe now! It's so gorgeous and so new! You guys have to visit. It seems like I was at a different country. That's it for now, till another blog post!

xoxo Raffi ♥


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