Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Foster the People LIVE in MANILA

So Last October 6, 2012 Foster The People had a concert here in Manila for the first time ever! Little did I know that I was going to be able to watch them. Here's what happened, since I'm mostly online on twitter, tweeting and waiting for something amazing to happen, CIBO tweeted that they're going to give-away 2 tickets to see foster the people on Oct 6,  and all you have to do is simply tell them what your favorite dish was. So I tweeted and told them what my favorite dish, which was the Rigatoni All' Alfonso and because I'm a a loyal customer I WON! I mean I've been eating there since I was 10 years old & now I'm 19, I still love it! Nothing changed, well maybe some staff and crew members  but the food tastes the same. MAGNIFICO! Apparently they liked my tweet and so I WON tickets to see FOSTER THE PEOPLE! YAHOO! 

BELIEVE ME THEY SOUND GOOD LIVE! Mark was so cute doing his little dance moves while singing. So here are some pictures I took! My cousin and I enjoyed the night. 

Of course pumped up kicks played the last  and everyone was jumping up and down and singing to it. WE WERE DEFINITELY PUMPED UP!  Thanks again  CIBO for the awesome tickets, my cousin and I had a blast! More power to you and your restaurant! Will forever love you! ☺

xoxo Raffi ♥

For more info about CIBO check it out here ( http://www.cibo.ph/)

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