Friday, October 5, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013

While looking at vogue online, I saw D&G's latest collection and can I say that I was STUNNED and was in AWE because of how colorful it is. Plus it reminded me of the modern day Frida kahlo with a bit of the Spanish era. Totally loved the colors, the embellishments, the bags, and the shoes. If only I can afford them, well one day, for sure. Anyway here are some of the  pics that I grabbed from vogue enjoy the lovely collection!

one of my favorites! THE COLORS!


look at the print?! Isn't it gorgeous? 

so "spanish" 

the color combination is amazing!

loving the lacey top!

I would wear this :) 

definitely my favorite! 

this outfit is to die for, plus the sunglassses! 

one word: LOVE! 

I like how the stripes here are different 

I'll wear this too! :) 

her earrings are vavavoom 

Another fave of mine, the embellishments are crazy! 

this one as well! 

another favorite, love the color scheme in this one! 

now I want that BAG!!! 

the prints are lovely! 

cute wedge! 

I would wear those earrings! I think it's heavy but I don't mind :)

love it! 

the earrings again!!

I want this too! 

oh look it's a Kalesa! 

this is one, I'll buy for sure!! 

I want those sunglasses! 



fierce model! 

I would wear this as well :)

love that the bag matches her outfit 


Anyway that's it for now. Totally in love with this collection as of now! I want to buy them all. I mean who wouldn't?! the prints are so unique and I haven't seen anything like it before. Good job D&G!

xoxo Raffi ♥

(photos from vogue)


  1. the prints are amazing! love the printed wedges! :) Btw, I nominated you for The Liebster Award! :) For more details, here's the link:

    Hope we could also follow each other :)

    1. Hi sheena! Yes I'm actually in love with the printed wedges, I want one now!! OH wow, thanks! Will check it out!! :)


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