Saturday, September 1, 2012

my version of print on print

Hi guys, so today I wore my version of print on print. I mean I love the floral print on print but I don't have a floral top just yet... So I'm wearing my favorite aztec skirt again. ( sorry I just love wearing this skirt). But anyway styled it differently this time, and wore it with a paisley top. 

Hope you guys like it! ☺

Same background but this time, the sun is down.

It looks good doesn't it? :) 

Why am I closing my eyes? LOL 

say what? haha :the not so sure pose.

 TOP: landmark
yellow shirt: Zara
Skirt: Forever 21 

Anyway sorry for the dark shots since it was raining outside when I got home in the afternoon. Had to wait for the rain to stop and it took forever, so I shot this at 8pm tonight.  But thank God for flash, just annoyed because I had to do some major editing with those pictures. But hope you guys like it.

xoxo Raffi  ♥


  1. Very cute and funky! This is a young and fresh version of the print-on-print trend, and it really works for you.

    Elle Michele

    1. Aww thank you so Much, Elle! :) Yup I tried a different print on print :)


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