Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hey guys so this is what I wore to class today. It's something very different from my everyday outfit because I barely wear black and white; I mean I usually wear vibrant colors but today I wasn't in the mood (to dress up for some reason)  for it. So I decided to wear this, something out of my vibrant & colorful zone. 

hope you guys like it! :)

yess! Another different pose! :) hehe

love this zebra-ish top that my cousin gave me.

Since It's cold in sofa, I wore this pink blazer. 

something so different and so not me right?

lovely accessories 

It's funny because I can't think of a title then I came across this song called Animal by Neon trees which is very appropriate to this post, since my top is very zebra-ish. ENJOY THE SONG! 

Fashion tip: If you don't have a necklace, you can wear a scarf to add effect to your outfit! ( as long as it looks good okay). Anyway, that's it for now! Till another post! :) 

TOP: given by my cousin
SCARF: given by my friend
Denims: Forever21
flats: Rubi

xoxo Raffi ♥


  1. Super cute & sophisticated, especially with the blazer! <3

    1. Aww, thanks ate Marg! :) hihi it came from your mommma <3


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