Friday, July 27, 2012

Little red dress

So ever had that moment when you go to a store and just try a bunch of clothes but in the end you don't buy anything, because you have no money or budget for that day. Well that happened to me last time and I was at Zara. I tried on A LOT of clothes, from skirts, to pants, to tops, to dresses. ( we had to actually do this for my merchandising class) But I ended up  loving this dress the most. The perfect fitting, body hugging, peplum, red dress. To be honest I thought it would not look good on me since I'm pretty curvy but I was WRONG. It looked amazing!

Okay so I got a little vain... hihi.
I don't have a red dress at the moment. So if I get money, I will surely buy this!

 perfect fit! You guys can dress this up for a party with your perfect heels or dress this casually with flats or sneakers. You can also add a blazer if you get cold, or a cardigan or maybe even a jean jacket.

 Notice my arm candy? Well I made the friendship bracelet and I bought the spikes from SM accessories! 
Don't you just love it? I know I do :)

there's still a tag because I was at the dressing room. Nobody knew I was already taking a picture. hihi.
 I believe that's my favorite facial expression. HEHE 

Sadly I did not get to buy this dress because I had no budget. It cost around 2k++ since it was part of their new collection in Zara. I do hope, when I have money to buy this dress it is still available. Or if not, I'm going to look for a cheaper version. Since it's a bit too much for a dress... ☺

xoxo RAFFI ♥

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