Sunday, June 10, 2012

summer ain't over

Hey guys so happy Sunday to all or shall I say not since Manny didn't win today. Well let's not dwell on that at least he won in our hearts, lets be positive and sometimes losing is okay.

Anyway here's what I wore today! My family and I decided to head out to buy my sister school shoes. She's finally Grade 1, yay! I'm so happy for her!

Decided to wear something still so summery even though the rainy season has begun. But thank God it didn't rain today! So I got my neon skirt on and some loud accessories! Hope you guys like the outfit!

love  that the skirt is sheer!

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purple shirt: Zara
Long skirt: Closet Chic
flats: Sole Divas Purse Shoes
watch: DKNY

I totally love this skirt, the length is not too long and to short; just right. Perfect for all seasons! Plus it is sheer, totally love it. Check out Closet Chic for more amazing items! Got it for only 300 pesos! WORTH IT!

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