Thursday, June 14, 2012

happy Girl

So the items that I ordered from Closet Chic IconiQue arrived today; this afternoon actually. I'm so excited to wear and style them. YAY! So happy right now! I'm actually impressed on how fast these items arrived. Since my mom only deposited them yesterday then it arrived this afternoon. Loving their service, so fast and very efficient!

Anyway these are the new babies I got! Welcome to my closet! YAY! :)

Got this long robe from Closet Chic.

Don't you just love the colors that this pattern makes? This is why I bought it! 

This is the leggings I bought from  IconiQue. 

I totally just love the leopard print of this leggings. 

You guys must CHECK OUT  & LIKE Closet Chic & IconiQue they have super affordable and fashionable products. You'll not regret buying it! Anyway, I'm really happy with the clothes I got. Now it is your turn to LIKE and BUY from there store!

That's it for now! Till another post! Fashion tip 101: Only splurge on basic piece of clothing and look for affordable trendy pieces.

xoxo Raffi <3

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  1. i hope you like my style....


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