Sunday, May 13, 2012

To new beginnings!

The transition from high school to college (well wow), I think is one of the hardest because we have to start all over again. Especially making new friends and have to "fit in" or Stand out. I really do miss my Level 10 classmates or 4th year classmates because we had some great times together, even though our class wasn't as united as the other levels. It's funny that I always say I can't wait to graduate but then when I already graduated I wanted to go back to the start. I don't know why but I do miss my friends, teachers, the environment, classmates, school mates, everyone in general.

So cherish what you have in high school and don't be in a hurry to graduate. I will always love high school and will remember all the fun memories I had there. ♥

So yesterday I went to SoFA to finally inquire about their programs and the courses that they have. Ever since I was a high school student ( wow can't believe I'm saying that) I really wanted to study in SoFA why? well because they said it is the Parsons of the Philippines. Plus is The Best fashion school to get into. Also I really want to become a fashion stylist ever since I was growing up; fashion is really my passion. I'm pretty lucky because before during my mom's time there was no fashion school at all here in The Philippines; they still have to go abroad to study. But now, I don't have to because SoFA is just here. I'm really happy and at the same time thankful that there's a school for creative people like me here in my own country. I don't need to leave anyone behind especially my friends and my loved ones since I'm not going to study abroad.

So thank you SoFA! Now here's the beautiful campus, well it's just small but I love it! 

So before entering this is what it looks like. Love it!

Upon entering you'll this gorgeous display.  It's very abstract and I love it. 

Then we entered this room which is full of inspirations I guess. The wall is made out of cork board. WOW!

So this is a mural that the students made in the hall way. Pretty cool right?

Look at this isn't gorgeous?! It is made out of newspaper! The students made it!

So after they toured us, it is time for a mini photo shoot! hehe.  Love this place! I always see Patricia Prieto's pictures taken in this corner. Or they call it the aquirium, I simlpy Love it!  Now it is my turn! By the way thanks to my mom for taking my pictures! I Was randomly posing since I didn't know what do because I was super excited! 

I decided to wear tights on that fine hot day well because the dress was too short and plus my mom and I commuted going there. We took the MRT. So when in doubt wear tights. Since I'm at a fashion school, you have to be fashionable! DUH! Anyway here's what I wore:
dress: Forever 21
ballet flats: bazaar
bag: given by my cousin. 

Anyway, that's it for now! I'll be enrolling there soon but first I have to submit my application form. So that's it. Till another blog post. Have a great day guys!  Follow your dreams! 

xoxo Raffi 


  1. hi raffi!
    so awesome that you have a school like that in phillipines! i wish we could enroll together :) much love from spain, marj <3

  2. OMG! I KNOW! Cus you're into fashion as well and you create your own clothes! YOU SHOULD COME AND STUDY HERE at SoFA! That would be cool, ate marj!

  3. incoming freshman? when's the first day of school? :)

  4. Hi anonymous! Yup, incoming Freshman. I think June 13? Not that sure yet. :)


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