Saturday, May 19, 2012

Outfit of the day: True colors

Hey guys so after 1 week of staying home, I finally went out with my family! Yay! So we just went to the mall to chill and go around as usual. Ended up not buying anything since I still have no money. :( Oh well. Hopefully soon, I'll have! Can't wait to shop shop shop! 

So here's what I wore today. I do repeat my clothes since that's what clothes are for right? But this time I styled it quite differently. I wore the same skirt and shirt but I layered it with my pink tank top plus added a cute necklace for a finish touch. Here it is! Hope you guys like! ☺

Fierce lang!

Straight face?! LOL Just posing!

this blue necklace gave my outfit a complete touch.

whatchu say? hehe 

Another Instagram moment! Follow me: raviolee93

shirt: Zara
pink top: gift from a friend
skirt: LandMark
flats: Sole Divas

So I hope you guys like this outfit. I'm just trying to pose cus I wanna be on top. Kidding. But I would like to thank my six year old sister for taking these shots. ☺ She's my mini photographer! Have a great day and yes, it is okay to repeat your clothes! Experiment with it! Challenge yourself to do something different. Till another post! BYE!

xoxo Raffi ♥

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