Saturday, May 12, 2012

Outfit of the day: something breezy

Hey Guys so yesterday I finally saw my friends from Rosehill! I've missed them so much because for the longest time I have not seen them! Well thanks to Macy we saw each other; even though we were only 4. Anyway so we went to Eastwood and decided to hang out & of course watch a movie! Plus it was a  perfect time to go there since I haven't been there in ages..I don't remember when was the last time I visited the mall. 

So Here's what I wore yesterday, hope you guys like. Remember the tribal skirt? Well I just love wearing it while it is the summer! 

decided to wear a sheer blouse just cus we're watching a movie :)

added it with my favorite colorful bangles to bring it more to life! 

and of course another instagram moment! Follow me: Raviolee :)

sheer blue top: Cotton On
tribal skirt: Forever 21
bag: Cole Vingtage
orange shoes: Sole Divas

Anyway, I finally saw The Little Things She Needs I love that store! The first time I saw and heard about it was when I went to Singapore with the family last year. I fell in love with the store immediately because of the deals they have. For example you can get 2 pairs of shoes for an estimated price of 1,500 pesos or $30 (singapore dollars). Pretty cheap right, or in other words affordable!  

hi Claudine and Macy! haha


the gorgeous jewelry! 

I can just buy them all! 

love the colors! 

I really like this one!! 


Then we ate at this lovely Ice Cream place called Swensen's It was delicious! YOU HAVE TO EAT THERE! The best! Yummeh! 

Macy and claudine didn't know what to order! 

what Macy & Claudine had :) yum!

What Kristel & I had. :)
Finally saw AINA! :) 

Here's another one!

Anyway that's it for now! I had fun hanging out with my friends! Glad I came because College life is starting soon! Which I'm excited yet nervous about. Hope you guy have a great saturday night! Till another blog post!

xoxo Raffi <3


  1. I love the skirt! And your shoes too! Heehee :) stay fab! :)

  2. Great pictures! Your Outfit is really awesome! I ordered a similar skirt from Pull&Bear, hop it will come soon:) Your blouse and the accessoires go really perfectly with your skirt! I looove this Outfit

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  3. Wow, thank you so much! Oh, I hope it'll come soon too! I thought that the sheer blouse would look good with the tribal skirt and it did. :) And I would love to visit your blog.

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